Monday, October 6, 2008

flower shoe clips

Peeking out from underneath a dress, flower-adorned shoes are the perfect accessory. These simple silk-flower embellishments are a lovely way to personalize your shoes. To adorn shoes, glue a silk flower onto a shoe clip with a hot-glue gun, using a dime-sized dollop to ensure the flowers stay on. Slip a flower clip onto each shoe. A single large daisy or sunflower is plenty for some shoes -- for others, try lining up a handful of delicate violets or other small blossoms.
so far, i've only been able to find one source for blank shoe clips, you can purchase 12 clips for $6.99 here -- their store has since closed.
TeaJay'sMom -- 6 pairs for $5.50
BeadinMama -- 1 pair $2.50
CoverButtonCity -- 12 pairs $10.15, 18 pairs $13.95, 36 pairs $22.95, 72 pairs $38.85
MysticalGardenPath -- 6 pairs $7.00, 50 pairs $35.00

OlsGlitteringGlitz -- 24, 48 or 96 pieces ... from Australia
Louise1wja -- 3 pairs $9, 6 pairs $17 ... from United Kingdom


Nicole Shelby said...

i can dig it!

The John Family said...

Hi. I wanted to ask you if I can feature your post on my blog. I've sold shoe clips on ebay for about a year or so and now I've listed them on Etsy too. I wanted to do a post about what people can do with my shoe clips and why rewrite the book if it's already been written. :) Here is my blog if you want to check me out first. If I can feature you do me a big favor and comment on my blog. Thanks so much!

Mande said...

Just got done with my class and I'm getting back to important crafts! I'll do a write up on my blog for your shoe clip post and send you a link. Thanks. :)

Mande said...

:) :) :) :) :)