Thursday, June 4, 2009

soft baby shoes

soft-sole leather baby shoes ... at eHow.
baby boots ... at molly chicken.
soft baby shoes ... at on pins and needles.
cloth shoes ... by stardustshoes.
3-seam baby footies ... at poopockets.
toddle shoes ... at babypatterns.
bitty booties ... by heather bailey.
more links ... at old school acres.
30 minute booties ... i couldn't find the instructions, just the pattern ...


Nicole Shelby said...

holy smokes...
are you pimpin out fin's feet?

Jodi Jean said...

my favorite (although i haven't tried them all) are the ones by stardust ... (that's the pattern i used -- and made smaller -- for fin's blessing and caleb's blessing)

the ones from poopockets i tried for caleb ... remember the red ones?! i like the stardust ones better.

and yes ... i AM planning on making some more, i want to make shoes to match the dresses that i'll be making for fin.