Monday, August 9, 2010

Beginning Quilting - Basics

Matching Seams and Quick Piecing Techniques - strip piecing, chain piecing
Maintaining Your Momentum
All About Fabric - Building a stash, chooseing fabrics, storing fabrics

Batting Guide

Binding and Quilting Resource Links

Scrap Management

Binding Tutorial -crosswise binding (not bias)

Grid Quilting Tutorial

Free Motion Quilting - video ... and I've heard a tip to turn your machine at a 45 degree angle to free your mind from straigh lines ... just a thought.

How to Calculate Quilt Measurements

How to Baste Quilts

Quilt Labeling

How to Make Your Own Spray Starch
why would you want to use spray starch?! i was wondering the same thing ... p.s. the lavender is in the recipe is an antiseptic and acts as a preservative (plus it smells super great while you are pressing). and p.s. starching clothing makes them last longer as the perspiration and dirt sticks to the starch instead of the fibers.
here are some tips on using starch and quilting ...
Generation Quilt Patterns
Tips Page 1 and Tips Page 2

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